Modern Relaxation

Modern “Relaxation”

The what? Before lifting your eyebrows, pay attention to what will follow. In fact, the so-called “modern” relaxations are simple old relaxation methods brought up to date with some changes. To be clearer, “Zen” for example, has been around for centuries, just like yoga. But both are making a comeback with “new” additions like a yoga mat and incense, or a bowl that sounds to align the chakras, and so on. all of these additions are designed to attract positive vibes.

There is nothing wrong with recycling. In fact, the old practices are being revived and rethought to be able to adapt to this modern time in which we all live. What is more dramatic is the rise in illnesses linked to stress due to our “modern” way of life. The stress can now drastically affect your health which was not the case in ancient times.

So, it is better to be equipped to adapt and learn to get out of stress!

Lucky for you, the options are plentiful:

Breathing techniques

It usually calms your whole nervous system. Do you remember the last time you were so angry or worried that you had difficulty breathing? You can find a lot of articles by searching on Google. These articles generally explain the importance of practicing mindful breathing with a focus on inhaling and exhaling, while leaving your thoughts aside.

Hiking in the forest

In the past, forests were just everywhere, but nowadays you often have to travel several miles from your home to find one. Fortunately for those who have a forest near their home, unlike city dwellers. It is said that a forest hike is much more than a simple walk through a forest. The goal of this exercise is to increase mindfulness with an experienced guide or hiker.


Well it’s a fact, we’re a non-mobile generation that’s why we’re so stressed out. Exercise can be jogging, dancing, biking, hiking – anything that involves your muscles. The good thing is that you can choose whatever level of difficulty works best for you and then level up over time.

In order to help you in your process to relax your mind and free you from stress, anxiety and especially your negative thoughts, I have created a “Express Meditation” , the latter was created to accompany you during an overload of emotions which leads you to an anxious state. It wants to be fast and efficient. You can get it by following this link: HERE

Good meditation;)


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