Facial Expressions Coaching

Unleash the full power of your communication

Imagine if you could...

  • Be able to detect up to 80% of lies you hear in business meetings
  • See what others feel or think (without that they have to speak)
  • Gain an advantage in sales, négociations, and présentations

This micro-expressions coaching program will reveal to you the non-verbal insights, science, and skills of how to recognize the true meaning of facial expressions to understand better the needs of your clients and subordinates. This helps you to become a more powerful leader and a successful negotiator.

To whom this coaching training is tailored...

For those who want to become more Consciousness of the hidden émotions of others to achieve more success as a leader, negotiator, and in their personal life.
You will gain the skills to express more authentically your personnalité and full potential.
Moreover, you will be able to see what others feel or think, just by watching their non-verbal signs they cannot hide from you.

Advantages of this unique coaching program...

With this program, you will…

  • Discover all the secrets of facial expressions to see what others think or feel.
  • Be personally coached by a leading Micro Expression Expert.
  • Be able to recognize the meaning of facial expressions in crucial moments of negotiations, sales, business meetings, and job interviews.

Your trainer:

Guy Pardillos – Transformational Coach, NLP, 3 Principles coaching, expert in micro-expressions and founder of “Lie To Me” Coaching institute.

As a successful transformative coach, he got his certification as a life coach, NLP, and micro-expressions expert. He has learned from some of the greatest in their fields such as Dr. Steve G. Jones, Mark & Magali Peysha, Dr. Paul Ekman, Patrik, and Kasia Wezowski to name a few.
Today Guy is proud to teach you what he has learned over a decade and help you contribute to your success.
His approach is unique as he was a professional Mentalist and Magician since the age of 15 years old, today he incorporates his background in his coaching practice to create an easy, understandable and practical approach and learning.

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