I’m Stuck! – I’m Not Good Enough! – I’m Lost!

I’m Stuck! – I’m Not Good Enough! – I’m Lost! I’m Bad!

I’m A Failure!

I Don’t Know What To Do! – I Don’t Know Where To Start!

My Life Sucks!

Is that sound familiar to you?

Do you know that 96% of the changes we want to make in our lives – FAIL

You probably took some “New” resolutions for this new year, right? 

96% of you will quit within the first month.

This article will give you the right things to do to NEVER quit on your next try…

What you will read in this article is meant to help you.

Anyone will benefit from what I will share with you.

Before we begin, I’m just asking you to help me to share my message to as many people as possible you never know who needs help. Don’t hesitate to share it.

Ready? Let’s begin.

Scientist studies found that 96% of people who try to make changes in their lives fail.

It’s a fact! Imagine that, 96%, and if you are reading this, you are probably one from this number.

And now, you are probably thinking, 

“No way, I’m different, and I’m not going to fail I am part of the 4% that succeed!”

Ok, I believe you! I believe that your motivation and intentions are real. But let’s be honest here. You are going to fail one more time, and I will tell you why by the end of this thread. I’m gonna show you how to think differently to make the difference and put all the chances by your side, to be sure that you are not going to fail this time.

Don’t take it personally. I didn’t mean to be rude or arrogant. I’m just telling the truth, and you will thank me later.

No one is supposed to fail. You are just running some limiting beliefs in the background of your mind, and I’m your case study. I’ve failed so many times, and now I know what mistake not to repeat.

So, why do you fail?

   1) Your end goal is too big

We tend to visualize a big goal, and then we keep all our attention on the goal but not on the process.

Result? You feel overwhelmed and give up on the first obstacle.

Transformation is a process. It takes strategy, clear vision, and a step-by-step process (baby steps), knowing your strengths and your weak points, removing your limiting beliefs that create resistances, creating new habits, and replacing the old ones.

Your end goal will change as you grow. It won’t stay the same forever.

You must create a strategy, follow it and focus on the next step, not on the end goal. The end goal is just the shining star that indicates you the direction and if you follow your step-by-step strategy, the end goal will become a reality without effort.

   2) No one becomes successful without the help of other

You are not a superhero. Life isn’t a movie, and you are not Bruce Willis in Die Hard trying to save the world. You are a human being who tries to do his best with the resources he has.

Everybody needs help. Even the most successful people on the planet have a coach, a mentor. You must surround yourself with the right person, the ones who believe in you, who will be by your side to show you the right path.

In this society, we often feel ashamed to ask for help, or thinking what the people will think? Who cares? What is your priority? To live the life you want. Or to care about what do others think of you?

I have some good news for you, the other that you care about their opinion, they don’t care about yours, and that’s why they are ahead.

   3) Commitment

To master your life, you need commitment and consistency.

There are many ways to succeed in life, and playing on your phone, watching TV, postpone your priorities are NOT some of them.

Set up your strategy and stick to it. Everything that is not part of your strategy must be removed from your path.

Commitment and consistency are the keys to your success.

You must try, learn and perfect it.

You fail when you stop your commitment when you are not consistent. You can have days when you don’t feel ok when you doubt when you want to give up. It’s ok. You are human, and you are here to learn.

But chin up, stretch and remember your goal and WHY you want it. Then, come back on your path.

Change your doubt into


Shut down this little voice in your head. This voice is not you. You are on the command, not this voice.

   4) You are the light

You are born perfect, limitless, powerful, then your education and life’s experiences started to create some beliefs inside you. Some are good, and some limit you.

Remember that the world you are living in is not the reality, is just a reflection of you, it’s just YOUR vision of the world based on your beliefs.

When you think:

I’m terrible, I am negative, I’m not enough…

SCRAP THIS, remember WHO you are! You are the light, the perfection, the universe itself, YOU ARE LIMITLESS! Your limits are just in your mind and nowhere else.

Keep in mind that every time you give up, you doubt yourself, you turn the light within down.

Bring this light back to shine. You are the perfection return to perfection.

This is how your mindset should operate. This is the only way to move forward.

These 4 elements are the core of your success. If you check and analyze the journey of every successful person, you will find these 4 elements in their stories.

Now it’s your turn to live the life you always wanted, to go out of the circle of repeated failure.

You can do it! I believe in you.

Last thing, before I close this article.

Pay close attention to what follows.

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To your success,



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