How Thoughts Shape Our Lives – And How to Shape Your Thoughts

We live in a world of thoughts! What you think shapes your life.

That’s because what you think shapes your behavior, which indirectly controls the way your life unfolds.

If you think you’re not good enough for example, then not only will you not feel confident, but you might also actuallymiss opportunities that come to you. You’ll focus on things that go wrong, and this will make you feel worse about yourself.

If you think you’re not good at your job, you won’t speak up in meetings, you’ll keep your head down, and you might even be less enthusiastic about new job opportunities!

The use of affirmations can help.

In the case of thoughts like ‘I’m not good enough, you now know that you’re not good enough because you think you’re not good enough. Likewise, the thought that I’m good enough, I’m worth it’ is self-perpetuating. Ask yourself genuinely what your skills are and your assets. Be objective and ask others if necessary. Chances are you will find that you’re just as capable as everyone else so the only thing that could be bringing you down is your own negativity. Accept this and replace those thoughts.

Likewise, you can also use positive affirmations in order to improve your confidence. These are statements you repeat to yourself like ‘I’m a successful and positive person. Over time, if you repeat these enough they can become ingrained and part of your psyche. If you struggle to remember to use them, consider putting post-it notes up around your home.

This might seem like it wouldn’t accomplish much, but by constantly exposing yourself to these positive messages, you will be repeating the same thoughts over and over and actually strengthening the neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for creating them. As these become strengthened, they will become more likely to be activated in the future.

In short, those positive thoughts can actually become a habit.

Thought Restructuring

There are other more powerful methods you can use to transform thoughts too. One is to use “thought challenging.” This means looking at the content of your thoughts and assessing whether it’s accurate.

Can you really just be not good enough?

And if you are so bad at your job, how are you in the position you’re in now?

Another trick is something called hypothesis testing. Here, you actually put those negative beliefs to the test in order to prove to yourself they’re inaccurate. For example, take on a big project at work and show yourself that you can do it!

By using these techniques. you can learn to change your beliefs and that’s when you will start becoming enough.

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