Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Beliefs Are Just A Generalization Of Your Perception Of Reality

Your limiting beliefs are a generalization, and a minor interpretation of a perceived reality due to something happening to you or around you (experience). You look at the event through the experiences you’ve had already in your life, based on the things you know, and then construe them in a view that works for you.

In fact, we project to the world what we believe, and we are looking for proof (confirmation) that what we believe is true. For example, let’s say that you believe that rich people are dishonest and become rich because they are bad and cheaters. First, you create this belief because, at one point in your life, you met a rich person who was really bad. Then unconsciously, you will look in the world confirmation of your belief. If you see on the media that this or this rich person is corrupt, then you have your confirmation and you will tell yourself “Ah, here we go, one more bad rich person.” This process will reinforce your beliefs.

A real vicious circle that doesn’t serve us.

It may make sense to you at the time, and it’s only solidified when something else happens to reaffirm the first instance. With more and more instances such as these, it only reconfirms what you think you know. It creates a shape of belief. The more confirmed that belief is, the stronger it will become.

Your Belief Will Become A Part Of Your Subconscious

It won’t be long before the belief becomes a part of who you are that you’ll no longer think about it. It becomes part of the subconscious belief system. Think of the human brain as a computer. It starts with the most common task to confirm the belief in conjunction with others already in the system. Whatever a person believes, the brain confirms it repeatedly.

The brain will choose ways in which to confirm a belief. It subconsciously looks at and interprets information that confirms what a person believes. Anything else that contradicts this will be ignored.  These beliefs come together and give people their point of view of how the world is. This means your view of the world will differ from your best friend.

Your Beliefs Can Limit You

As your beliefs become more part of you, they can stop you from being more than you can be. Any beliefs you have in childhood can carry on with you into adulthood. And, some beliefs you attain later in life, will stop you from being able to enjoy new things in your life, take part in events going on or even keep you from taking the next leap in life (despite the clear road).

What Can You Do?

If you want to overcome these limiting beliefs, there are four things you must do:

  1. Recognize what the beliefs are
  2. Question them
  3. Come up with a replacement belief
  4. Enforce and reaffirm the belief

It’s important to understand that you can change just one belief at a time. Trying to change them all simultaneously will cause your body to shut down and go into crisis mode. Focus on just one belief. When you manage to successfully overcome it, focus on another belief to change it.

Enjoy the process, and start to heal yourself.

With care,



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