Are you fed up with not getting certain results and want to eliminate the beliefs and fears that keep you from getting "the best"?

"I help people let go of their anxiety, negative thoughts, stress and get back clarity and peace in their mind to create a personal, professional and financial abundance."

Start this unique 7-weeks experience to transform your life with the program "Performance". This program will have a profound effect on the rest of your life.
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Performance Coaching

A Unique 7 Week Experience To Transform Your Life.

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— Who am I?

Welcome, my name is Guy Pardillos

"I help people to break the deadlock. To free themselves from their thoughts, to see the world from a different perspective, and to find back sleep, inner peace and balance in their lives."

I am often asked how I help people regain control of their lives, live fully, reconnect with those around them, get back to sleep, free themselves from the incessant thoughts that prevent them from being happy. You may have seen different posts on the networks before, and I get questions by email and private message as well.

“So Guy, what exactly is your ‘Performance’ program?”

Very good question! In one sentence, here is the answer:

“The ”Performance“program is a 7-weeks transformation during which my clients learn to see the world from a different angle to free themselves from their thoughts, to find again sleep, but also to reconnect with their loved ones and their friends. This is a real program of transformation and a start to a new life, full of success and happiness. “

Guy Pardillos


Results that my clients have achieved

A life changing experience
Fr Schwab

"With Guy's program, I learned to put my thoughts back, since everything comes from there, in the right way. All the subjects were approached and what discoveries! Simple explanations with examples from the Coach help. It's great! Changes will be made in my life, they are listed. Our Coach Guy has empathy for his fellow human beings. He is friendly, interesting in his words and it makes you want to put his advice into practice. I recommend his coaching, clear and precise. Everything is very precious. Thanks Guy, I will miss you, really! Friendship Fr Schwab "

Francine Schwab

“Being 37 years old confused about your job not matching your personal values and keep attracting bastards requires some changes in your own behaviour. Not that easy to admit but mandatory if you want to get a chance of being happy some day. A mentor as taught me that and his name is Guy. The road is not so long neither painful and it really leads to happiness. Today I’m 39 found my dream job and I’m about to have a family with an amazing Man, friend and up coming father. Thank you so much Guy for guiding me, showing me and sharing with me the way to feel completed.”

Stéphanie M.

“I’m a long-term sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks who has spent almost two decades trying to find a solution to my issues. Just one session with Guy was enough to completely change the way I perceive and deal with my anxiety. He showed me a simple yet effective technique which produced an immediate effect on my emotional state. Also, Guy talked to me about a number of personal challenges I am currently dealing with, giving me advice and tips on how to tackle them. I would definitely recommend Guy’s services as he is pleasant man, understanding, patient and considerate in his approach to clients.”

Ana B.

“Mr Pardillos is first of all great human being, who has this deep sensitivity for the people and this world. Guided by his good heart and wish to help to people with problems, he provide unique care and highly professional approach wich helps even more to the people with who he works to reach goals. With this combination and my full trust in him, Mr Guy fixed my issue that I have had for years… I can say. AMAZING!”

Marko B.

“It’s really difficult to describe in few words how Guy improved my life in every aspect. Privetely, professionally and even with health. Long story short, from despressed and dark thoughts person, stressed and control freak, over bossy and negative person, he quickly turned me in positive and loving life person. He switched me to calmed and thoughfull person, stress-free and transformed me in a person who is enjoying the moment of living. Can’t tank you enough Guy !!!”

Nataša K.
How it works?

"The Performance Program"

7 weeks for a radical change in your life!

“The ”Performance Coaching“ program is a 7-weeks transformation program during which my clients learn to see the world from a different angle to free themselves from their thoughts, to find again sleep, but also to reconnect with their loved ones and their friends. This is a real program of transformation and a start to a new life, full of success and happiness. “

Ready for change?

It's time to make the decision, join the «Performance», program, 7 weeks to transform your life, find sleep, the joy of living, serenity. But also, reconnect with your friends and loved ones, and finally be free from your addictions to be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

*free of charge, informative and without engagement.

Take a decision
Any process of change is intimidating, but it starts with making a decision. Decide today to END it! And find back a happy life
Make an appointment
Let's make an appointment and together we'll take a look at your current situation. It's free and without obligation on your part. I will block 1h30 for you, it will certainly be one of the most important conversations of your life
The implication
There is no possible change without voluntary and determined involvement. This program is not for everyone, it is for those who really want a change in their life. If you are not ready for change, this program is not for you
A new life begins
Congratulations, a new life is starting for you. I wish you all the best and possible happiness. Let's keep in touch every now and then and tell me your new story

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