Do you believe in Magic ?

or Mentalism and Mystery...

If you are truly curious about mind reading or close-up magic, then finer observe closely. As a mentalist by having huge practice and nonpareil talents, I will ensure that you are very well diverted at every party. I am actually available for professional party, personal banquets or a public that aspires to fall within a spectacular world of miracle and magical.

Will your mind play tricks on you or you will eyewitness five-star conjuror?  You will definitely in no way figure out until you view it on your own.

My performance is ideal for people of any generation, who likes the unusual mixed with fascinating captivate and funny moments. The spectacle of your entire life is just one phone call away.

Close-up magic - Focus your eyes and try not to blink, for the reason that my tricks will impress even the highest skeptical psyche. Enjoy the appearance of a close-up magical performance that you will bear in mind endlessly and discuss the feel with your loved ones.

Mind Reading - "How does he know it?" This question hangs out my customer for weeks after a show. Allow me to magnify the stakes and capacity you the best interesting event in your entire life. Mystifying, extraordinary and impressing together.

Mentalism - The period of time to spend the very most confusing occasion is finally on this site. Be sure to experience the top-quality moments of unusual magic right in front of you by reputable mind reader with astonishing capabilities and gifts.

Are really you gotten ready for some of the best fascinating moment in your entire life? Do you really want to experience mentalism executed by a second-to-none Mentalist?

  • Magic for
    Magic for
    Restaurants & Bars
    Close-up Magic is the art of performing in front of the audience, between 20 to 50 cm from their eyes. Using everyday objects like lighter, cigarettes, coins, cards and all that the performer can use surrounding himself Perfect for bars and restaurants, highly appreciate from the majority of the guests due to the intimate atmosphere and complicity that the Magician creates between him and his audience without being intrusive.
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  • Magic & Poker demonstration for
    Magic & Poker demonstration for
    Casinos & Clubs
    45 mn demonstration of Poker dealing, techniques, and subtilities. Your guests and players, especially cards lover will stay astonished by this particular performance mixing fun and mind open act. Mentalism and Mind reading act will leave your guests speechless. Perfect for a stage, the mentalism is the art of using different techniques like NLP, body language, hypnosis and all of these skills mixed together will make an unforgettable experience for your guests.
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  • Special event
    Special event
    Private & house parties
    A birthday to celebrate, a private night or cocktail party. A magician will be your best partner to help you to transform your event into a success. During the cocktail, the dinner or even late during the night. The Magic of the night will bring some stars in the eyes of your friends and family. Let's the charm of the night bring some surprise and stars in the eyes of your guests.
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  • Bring some Magic to your
    Bring some Magic to your
    All it's possible, isn't the best DAY of your life? Let's put some Magic and fun during your wedding. Close-up Magic during the cocktail, during the dinner with not some surprise, for your guests to make sure that this day will stay the best forever. An act totally new for your guests, A Fake Waiter!!! Imagine a waiter a little bit crazy and looking stupid making mistakes and other jokes to your guests! A real shock for them with a range part of laughs. Gags and fun for all with a FINAL surprise.
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Mission - Dream Big
Magic Awards

2015 - First Awards of Close-up Magic

  • “International Magic Convention MAGIBOR”
  • Maribor - Slovenia
  • Received: November 2015

2000 - First Awards of Close-up Magic

  • “Les plus grands Magiciens à Cagnes-sur-mer”
  • Cagnes-sur-mer - France
  • Received: March 2000

1999 - First Awards of Close-up Magic

  • "La Colombe d'Or"
  • Antibes/Juan-les-pins - France
  • Received: March 1999
Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond Tv Celebrity Richard Hammond on Twitter

You absolutely must see this guy. Guy Pardillos. Properly amazing sleight of hand stuff. Or actual magic.

Rhian G.
Rhian G.

A special mention goes to Guy Pardillos the mentalist magic act. This guy was superb!! Mixing truly amazing magic and mentalist so close up is a challenge in itself, which left us speechless, but to mix this with humor as well just took things to the next level! I participated in part of the show and really enjoyed it (normally I am skeptical!) We also had two little private tricks shown to our small group of friends at the end of the show which was a nice extra touch. Such a lovely genuine man will definitely be supporting him if/when he comes to the UK for Britains Got Talent- but for now, good luck on your current competition Guy!!

Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury Director Total Croatia News

Hi Guy, just wanted to tell everyone how amazing your show was at the Radisson last month. great performance but also loved the way you included each table without being intrusive.

Christophe B.
Christophe B. Yacht Captain

He is a real magician and entertainer. I saw him many times and it was always fascinating! I can strongly recommend him.

Renata Tešija
Renata Tešija

Great performer! very skillful. When in opportunity C O M E and watch him!


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